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Optimizing Performance, Comfort and Protection for the Activity & Environment

Traditionally, lens color choices have been a matter of aesthetics and personal taste. We have let customers choose Oakley optics for specific applications — all the while educating them on the benefits of our technologies to help ensure their needs were met by the latest innovations and industry-leading breakthroughs in performance, comfort and protection.

Some time ago, Oakley technology reached the point where lenses could be engineered for specific activities and environments, offering customers unrivaled benefits. We need to educate customers on these application-specific lenses. This document contains information on lenses that are part of this initiative.


If you really want to improve your game, don’t stop at the right club, the right grip and the right stance. Get the right lens. Decades of innovation have achieved the ultimate golf lens, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever worn on the course. It’s the G30™ made by Oakley, a world leader in performance technology with a proven heritage in optics. If you love the game as much as we do, take a moment to see what you’ve been missing.

Forget Everything You Know About Sunglasses

Maybe you hit the links with sunglasses in the past, and decided they don’t work for you. They only make things darker, and you figure that’s only good for open fairways in bright sun. With ordinary shades, that’s probably true. But there is a reason why the overwhelming majority of sunglasses worn on pro tours are made by Oakley. World-class golfers consider Oakley eyewear to be an absolute performance essential.

Sunglasses Are Now Essential Equipment

Conventional lenses are all about blocking the sun, making you see less. Oakley lenses help you see more — more detail, more depth and more definition. We achieve it by optimizing lenses for specific environments, and that’s why sunglasses are no longer considered generic accessories for golf. You wouldn’t think of heading out for 18 holes without your driver, irons, putter and golf shoes. The Oakley G30™ lens is another piece of essential equipment, a critical necessity for the sport.

Visionary Technology for Golf

The golf environment challenges your vision in very specific ways. We engineered the G30™ lens with precisely balanced light transmission to give you the best possible clarity, contrast and depth perception on the course. For us, lens tints are a science and an art, and every aspect of G30™ was designed to maximize your vision for the game.

Think you know where the pin is? If you’re looking through ordinary sunglass lenses, you might be wrong. Inferior lenses can cause “prism shift” that fools your eyes by making the hole appear subtly shifted from its true position. Inferior lenses can also corrupt vision with magnification, and with all the eye fatigue, you may as well add a penalty stroke to every hole. We addressed those problems with High Definition Optics® (HDO®).

Oakley HDO is a collection of patented technologies that ensure precise, accurate vision with razor-sharp clarity. We developed HDO for the world’s best athletes and for action sports where visual fidelity is the difference between going home with a medal and going home with a body cast. With HDO, you’ll see everything precisely where it is, and you’ll get the added benefits of unrivaled impact resistance and 100% UV filtering.

Oakley G30™ is also available in a premium HDPolarized version that eliminates 99% of reflected glare. We craft it with an injection molding process that doesn’t use adhesives to bond the filter like polarized lenses made with lamination, so there is no hazy glue. And our process doesn’t give you the kind of visual distortion that can come with polarized lenses made with heat forming.

Discover More

Stop thinking of sunglasses as generic accessories and start realizing the truth: The Oakley G30™ golf lens is essential equipment, engineered to optimize your vision and help you card lower scores. We spent decades developing our optical performance technologies, and it’s time you took advantage of them. Read on to discover what G30™ can do for your game.

Golf Scenario 1: Flat Terrain, Open Light
Whether it’s a flat fairway or a tabletop near the hole, those seemingly featureless areas can challenge your eyes as much as the closely mown areas. With Oakley’s G30™ lens, you’ll see the details you’ve been missing, including fine textures and subtle contours.

Enhanced visual definition will let you analyze the fairway with a glance, and you’ll spot each cut of the rough. The engineered contrast of G30™ will improve your depth perception and even help prevent the ball from disappearing against the sky. And with G30™ Polarized, the distractive glare from flat areas will be somebody else’s problem.
Brings depth and detail to flat terrain
  • Optimizes your ability to discriminate grass textures and contours while enhancing contrast and depth perception
  • Makes it easier to visually track the ball against the sky

Golf Scenario 2: Putting
If you want to win, your short game better be consistent. You need to read every nuance of the green, but that’s difficult with the level of contrast your eyes see on their own. Oakley G30™ offers a unique combo of clarity and contrast that helps you spot subtle variations in grain and contour.

G30™ boosts visual detail so you can precisely gauge ball speed even on greens that feel like you’re putting on marble. Precisely balanced light transmission gives you the depth perception you need to analyze the slope. With High Definition Optics®, things don’t appear shifted from their true position, and it’s the secret to putting like a pro.
Lets you work your short game with precision
  • Helps you read the greens better by letting you spot subtle variations in contour and grain
  • Improves depth perception so you can more accurately judge the slopes of the greens

Golf Scenario 3: Bunker
Bunkers invite disaster, and they can taunt you with glare. When your approach is a minefield of sand traps, the Oakley G30™ lens offers a precise balance of light transmission to help get rid of the wavelengths that get in your way, and give your eyes the soothing comfort and clarity you need to stay focused and avoid the danger zones.

Even when you’re blasting from a plugged lie in the sandbox, High Definition Optics® (HDO®) makes sure your vision is sharp and accurate so the pin is precisely where you see it. With G30™ you’ll be ready for anything, come hell or high bunker.
Helps you avoid bunkers, and when necessary, escape them
  • Minimizes glare off the sand to reduce squinting that dims your view of what lies beyond
  • Enhances depth perception and detail while ensuring true, accurate vision

Golf Scenario 4: Water Hazards
Some courses have so many water features, there should be a lifeguard on duty, and you need the uncompromising performance of the G30™ lens to deny ball-eating ponds their next snack. But even if you’re navigating the water hazards like a tour champion, you’re still dealing with glare. That’s where polarization comes into play.

G30™ Polarized cuts 99% of reflected glare, and we craft it with an injection molding process for levels of clarity and visual fidelity that make ordinary polarized lenses... well, ordinary. You won’t be blinded by the light, and your eyes won’t be fatigued by harsh rays that specialize in killing your concentration.
Shields your eyes from the glare of water hazards
  • Virtually eliminates the harsh, blinding rays of reflected glare
  • Reduces eye fatigue and keeps you more relaxed and focused

Golf Scenario 5: Rough
There’s nothing worse than a ball buried deep in the rough. The G30™ lens lets you carve shots around the landscape that others can’t even visualize. With razor-sharp clarity and improved depth perception, you’ll see exactly where the fairway ends and the rough begins, and the precisely balanced light transmission helps you work those hardscrabble shots around the green.

If your ball pulls a disappearing act, the contrast of this premium lens will make it easier to spot. G30™ is how you play smooth even in the rough, and it’s the difference between a mulligan and a stroke of genius.
Lets you take on the most challenging approach
  • Offers clarity and contrast for improved depth perception that helps you avoid the rough
  • Makes it easier to spot the ball

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