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Download the Golf Weather iPhone App

Golfweather has a mobile app for your phone. Why not give it a try?

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What is GolfWeather and what makes it unique? is a weather forecast system that provides a unique weather feed for the exact longitude and Latitude location of each golf course. We do NOT forecast weather from the nearest town or airport but directly for the golf course itself.

Why can’t I find my course?
There are 2 main reasons for this: either your course has not been listed in our GolfWeather Database yet, or you had some difficulty using the provided search facilities. There are over 38 000 courses listed in our system and we have strived to add every course in the world, but sometimes new courses launch, and sometimes we have just not identified its location.

Either way, please visit our Add a Missing Course page or email [email protected] with the course name and area. We will do our best to accommodate you by either adding your course to our database, or sending you a direct page link of the existing course’s forecast page.

How do I search for my golf course?

  1. Using the search page, there are 4 ways to search for your course:
  2. On the home page there are 2 search boxes. One on the right hand side of the navigation bar and on in the main content body. Just type in your course name in the search box and press enter or click the go button or search icon. You will be redirected to a page listing all the courses matching your search query.
  3. You can click the Search button on the main navigation bar to go to the search page which has a large search box.
  4. OR select Course Directory and click to the continent you are in and then your location to find your course..
  5. OR click on the alphabetical listing below the search box options to list all courses starting with the letter you select.
  6. OR search using the maps facility. This option is provided for those users who don’t know the name of the course and are looking for courses in a general area. Our systems delivers search results in priority of your location. If you want to search a course in another country you can change your country setting by clicking the Change Country link and flag at the top of the website.

How do I set my course on the home page?
Search for your favourite courses using one of our search option on the search page. Once you are on your course forecast page you can either click the star next to the course name or click the link just over the right hand side of any course forecast. (See areas marked below)

You can add up to 5 courses. (This allows you to quickly compare course forecasts for your favourite courses in one glance).

Your first course will always be the main one on the home page when you visit the site. The others will display just below. (See areas marked in below)

In your Profile, click the 'Your Courses' tab to see a list of the favourite courses which you selected.

Tick which course you wish to highlight as your main course on the front page of the website.

Is the '3hr precipitation total' on the extended forecast page shown against a particular time for the 3hr preceding the time or for the 3hr period commencing at the time?
Precipitation is the accumulated forecast rain total over the past 3 hours. Example: 8am reading would be the total accumulated forecast of rain between the periods from 5am to 8am.

Why does the detailed 7 day forecast and the Summary forecast have different readings?
The 7 Day detailed forecast is updated every 3 hours so if changes often. The 7 day Summary forecast is only updated once a day and creates an average forecast of all the days’ values. The Summary forecast is more for a quick look at what is happening during the week ahead. The detailed 7 day forecast is more current and should be your primary source for weather.

Can I get the Weather for my course on my phone?
Yes, you can either visit the iPhone app store or the Google Android store to locate the Native apps, or just enter the URL into your phone browser. The GolfWeather website is responsive and works on all browser widths. This includes the iPad and other such tablets.

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Android Play Store

How can I add the weather to my golf course website?
We have a weather widget which we provide courses at no cost to put on their websites. You can create your own widget by clicking here. Please email a request to [email protected] and we will assist you if you want help or something customised.